Accessible help and advice with tax, HMRC, recordkeeping and self assessment

The Essential package makes sure you’ve got the basics covered.

If you’re just starting out (and can’t face hours of sifting through Google results to find out what you need to do), this is the package for you.

I help you figure out how to register your business – as a sole trader, partnership or Ltd company – and help you nail your business plan so you know exactly where you’re going.

You get filing and payment reminders to avoid penalties and interest, saving you money as well as stress.

I submit your annual accounts and CT600 to HMRC – so you’re claiming for everything you can, and not paying more tax than you need.

You get an on-call advice service at no extra charge – access to me and my brain whenever you need it, so you don’t have to spend a second longer worrying about that burning question.


When you choose to work with me you get an accountant who’s genuinely invested in your business

I love seeing women succeed in their chosen careers – and I know that we all need someone on our team to help us do that.

At our initial meeting, I delve into your business, your interests, passions and dreams, to figure out the best plan for getting where you want to be.

I make sure that I fully understand your priorities, as well as any unique aspects or quirks of your industry, business and market so that the service we set up is exactly right for you.

When you work with me, I’ve got your back.

Your Essentials accounting and bookkeeping package includes:

  • A comprehensive on-boarding meeting so you know I understand you and your business

  • Filing and payment reminders to avoid late payments and stress

  • Annual accounts and CT600 submitted to HMRC – that’s one less thing on your To Do list

  • Access to the resources you need to understand, plan, strategise, implement and succeed in your business

  • Fixed fees to help you budget and plan for the costs without any nasty surprises

  • Friendly advice as and when you need it – think of me like a bestie, who just happens to be an accounting geek

You can also choose from additional services, including digital record set up, one off audits and banking reconciliation, and more

Need more? Check out the Elevated and Elite packages.


If you’re ready to leave the grey suits behind and do business differently

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