Accounting and bookkeeping for SMEs, Ltd companies, sole traders and partnerships

Ready to take your business to the next level? The Elite package helps you get there.

Whether you’re having to consider VAT registration for the first time, or you’ve got your sights set on 7 figures, there’ll come a point in your business when you’re ready to move up a gear.

The Elite business package supports you with all your business’ financial needs.

What could you achieve if you knew the figures were taken care of?

How would your work/life balance feel if you didn’t have to worry about your accounts?

Where could you take your business with a solid plan and the support you need to implement it?

I create monthly or quarterly reports highlighting the factors that are relevant to you and your business. This means you’re always one step ahead, you know exactly how your business is doing and you can confidently plan for the future.

You get a subscription to accounting software at no extra charge – streamlining your accounts without extra payments to worry about.

I give your accounting software a full audit, ensuring it’s set up correctly for your business, as well as teaching you how to navigate it.

I set up nominal codes, VAT rates and banking rules so that the software works for you – not the other way round.

You get annual reports, CT600 and VAT returns submitted to HMRC, freeing up your time and avoiding late fees.

I share resources that you and your business need to succeed, from downloadable plans, budgets and cash flow forecasting to helpful articles and quick tips.

You get a friendly and non-judgemental on-call advice service as and when you need it, at no extra charge. No more hours spent Googling to find an answer – just call me and we’ll talk it through.


When you choose to work with me you get an accountant who understands your goals and works hard to make them a reality

If you’re worked with accountants before, you may have felt like you weren’t exactly sure what they were doing behind the scenes. You may have been presented with an unexpectedly large bill. You may even have felt talked down to. You probably didn’t feel that this person believed in your dreams, your plans and your business.

I started Rely Financial Services to do accounting better for business owners like you.

I wanted to move away from the grey suits, the impenetrable jargon and the feeling that the accountant is somehow above you, the client.

I wanted to work with my client, keeping you in the loop and helping you to really understand your own business.

I wanted to build an accountancy business that women like me – women like you – could truly feel a connection with. Accounting that’s straightforward, supportive and clear, down to earth and accessible.

I wanted to do accounting that plays a part in helping women succeed in your chosen field. And because I run my own small business, I know just what it’s like to have a plan. To lie awake at night thinking “What if…?” I know how hard you work turning your dream into reality.

When you choose to work with me you don’t just get an accountant who’ll keep the books and make sure your tax return is in on time – you get someone who’s involved in the planning, cheers on your successes and genuinely wants to see your business grow.

“I recently started a small business and Tamsin has been a huge help in advising me on navigating all things PAYE. It’s very useful to be able to have a call with her when I get stuck on things/am worried I’ve not done something right, and in just a few minutes she’s explained something that would have taken me a very long time and a good deal of confusion to work out on my own! A flexible service and for a reasonable fee too Thank you!”

Becca Mulhuish

Your Elite accounting and bookkeeping package includes:

  • A comprehensive on-boarding meeting so you know I understand you and your business

  • Filing and payment reminders to avoid late payments and stress

  • Annual accounts, CT600 and VAT returns submitted to HMRC – that’s one less thing on your To Do list

  • Access to the resources you need to understand, plan, strategise, implement and succeed in your business

  • Fixed fees, so you can budget and plan for the costs without any nasty surprises

  • Subscription to accounting software at no extra charge

  • Monthly bookkeeping so you know we’re staying on top of things

  • A fully audited software system, set up for your business
  • Customised nominal codes and VAT rates to show each area of your business in detail, create clear reports and ensure we’re tracking the figures that really matter
  • Friendly advice as and when you need it – think of me like a bestie, who just happens to be an accounting geek

  • Monthly or quarterly reports to highlight and keep track of the factors most important to your business

  • Cash flow structures to control and track your expenses and plan for the future – so tax bills or other large expenses are never a nasty surprise.

  • Business planning and focused goal setting to help you feel confident in your ideas and dreams. You’ll know exactly how much you need to make to get where you want to be, you’ll feel confident in the numbers before applying for grants or loans and you’ll know how feasible your figures are

  • Revenue and pricing support – we get proactive in helping you reach your profit goals by showing the differences between where you are now and where you could be. We’ll look at your profit margins and pricing structures then plan and implement accordingly

You can also choose from additional services, including digital record set up, one off audits and banking reconciliation, and more


If you’re ready to leave the grey suits behind and do business differently

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