Bookkeeping and accounting advice for your business

If a Done for You package isn’t your thing and you prefer to DIY your accounts (I LOVE your can do attitude, by the way!) I offer three business advice packages to suit you and whatever stage your business is at today.


Startup is for you if:

  • You’re in the planning and dreaming stage, or you’ve just started your business

  • You’re not sure where to start, there’s so much conflicting advice out there and you’ve already clocked up waaay too long combing through Google results

  • You’ve got an idea, but you’d like help turning it into a viable business plan

  • You need help getting the bookkeeping and accounting set up

  • You want resources you can trust at your fingertips

  • You want to get your business off to the best possible start

When you book your Startup business advice package we have an initial call to discuss the best structure for your company (sole trader, Ltd company or partnership), and dive into your plans, dreams and goals.

I create a personalised nominal code structure to ensure that you’re tracking the numbers that matter to your business, plus reports so you know at a glance how your business is doing.

You get a customised chart of accounts and reports structure and a fully personalised business plan that meets your needs.

You also get downloadable resources and ebooks to keep and look back on when you need to.

Startup gives your business the starting advantage you need to succeed.



Flourish is for you if:

  • You’ve been in business a while and you have questions

  • You’re hitting some bumps in the road

  • You had some amazing goals when you started out – but you’re not quite sure if you’re hitting them

  • You’re doing OK… but you want to thrive

  • You’re unsure about the figures and how you’re doing financially

  • You want to expand and grow but you’re not sure if you can afford it or how to begin

  • You want a clear budget and a focused plan to take your business forward

  • You need to get on top of your accounts and bookkeeping

  • You want a boost to momentum to keep you on the road to success

When you book your Flourish business advice package, we have an initial call to discuss where you and your business are at right now and your current struggle and goals.

We review your goals to discover where you’re thriving and any areas that need attention. Then I create a customised business plan that keeps your focus clear and shows exactly where you’re going.

You get a plan of action to get your reporting and bookkeeping in order, totally tailored to your business.

I review your nominal structure and make sure that you’re tracking the figures that really count.

You get a customised chart of accounts and report structure, along with a key ratios analysis to give you full insight into the inner workings of your businesses finances.

I create a personalised budget to help you achieve your financial goals, make plans for growth and know when you’re ready to expand.

Flourish is the focused boost your business needs to thrive and grow.



Prosper is for you if:

  • You’re ready to level up your business

  • You’re doing well… but you want to do brilliantly

  • Your dreams are clear but you could use some help turning them into measurable and achievable goals that really work for your business

  • You’ve experienced rapid growth – or you’re about to – and you need to make sure your reporting and accounts system is up to it

  • You want to know your finances inside and out – and be sure there’s no nasty surprises coming

  • You need some help implementing systems that fit where your business is at now – and that’ll carry on working in the future

  • You want to get a handle on your expenses, eliminate any unnecessary costs and streamline your cash flow

  • You want a friendly and non-judgemental expert who’s got your back to support you along the way

  • You want the reassurance of being supported through implementing your plans

  • You want personalised advice that’s 100% tailored to you and your business

  • You want to know how to expand or grow your business

  • You’re looking for advice and support that matches your determination and ambition – and encourages you to go further than you’d dreamed

When you book your Prosper business advice package we have an initial one-to-one session to discuss where your business is now, what’s not working as well as it could, what your goals, struggles and pain points are, plus your top priorities for you and your business.

This lets me really understand your business and your motivations and needs, so that the advice and plan I put in place for you is perfectly tailor-made.

I give your accounting software a full audit to ensure that your accounts are in order, and provide key ratio analysis so you’ve got a full understanding of your figures.

I implement systems that work for you and your business, and I’ll make sure you know exactly how to use them.

You get a customised business plan that focuses on your goals and what you need to do to achieve them.

You get a tailored budgeting and cash flow plan to help you control and track your incomings and outgoings, help you plan for the future and anticipate any major expenses such as tax bills – no nasty surprises means you do business stress free.

I want to make sure that you’re totally supported throughout and after the implementation process so we have a follow up session to discuss and address questions you have about the works we’ve done together.

Prosper is the rocket fuel your business needs to reach the stars.

You can also choose from additional services, including digital record set up, one off audits and banking reconciliation, and more


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