I’m Tamsin Doyle and I opted out of ordinary accounting

I was always that kid who hated numbers so, for me, becoming an accountant was never on the cards. I cried my way through every maths lesson without fail. My enthusiasm for accounting began from a book on accounting and a comment that I couldn’t be an accountant.

Determined to prove to everyone – myself most of all – that this girl definitely could, I began to really pay attention to maths and before I knew it, I’d fallen head over heels and found an enjoyment I never could have seen in all those maths lessons.

But when I joined the corporate accounting world, I didn’t love what I found.

Instead of helping business owners to understand their accounts, we acted as though it was an elite activity that only we could perform.

Instead of helping self-employed people keep on top of their books, we had a “just in the nick of time” way of working (which put stress on us and them).

Instead of helping freelancers feel excited about their figures, we took over – so all our clients saw was an invoice at the end of it.

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I wanted to do accounting differently.

I built Rely Financial Services to show that accounting doesn’t have to be done that way.

I know what it’s like running a small business – and I love helping women like me achieve their goals and exceed their dreams.

I know what it’s like to feel unsure, not knowing where to turn – and I love being the calm port in a storm when it comes to accounts.

I want to understand every part of my business – and I love sharing my knowledge to help you do the same.

I know when outsourcing is the smart choice – and I love being the expert you can confidently turn your books over to.

Rely Financial Services is for you if:

  • You’re a self employed, freelance or small business owning women who needs a helping hand with the books

  • You’re sick of the grey suits, jargon and being talked down to

  • You’re ready to do things differently

  • You know where you want your business to go – but you could use some support in how to get there

  • You want to get a handle on your accounts so you can plan, implement and achieve your business goals

  • You want clear, concise and friendly advice (from someone who gets it)

  • You need someone on your team – there when you need support and cheering for you in the background

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If you’re ready to leave the grey suits behind and do business differently

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